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Is a Start-up Makeover in Your Future?

By: Michael Robinson

Lately, a buzz is stirring over the idea that start-up companies have what corporate companies - and their employees - should have.

The Difference

Start-ups receive some of the largest funding, are of the most profitable, they provide innovative solutions and they do it in shorter periods of time with less people. What's their difference?

For some, culture may be the answer. Even Steve Jobs described his renewed focus on Apple's culture as a key reason for the company's continued success.

The Culture

Aside from Razor scooters and enticing employee perks, what defines a start-up culture includes characteristics that we should all hope our companies would emulate:

As you review how your company can benefit from a start-up makeover, consider how the future of your organization could improve with this change as well.

Your Company's Future

Right now, 80 million Millenials or workers born roughly between 1982 and 2000 are joining the workforce while Baby Boomers careers are sunsetting.

Your next generation of employees is a motivated, multi-tasking, tech-savvy bunch. Generation-Y thrives in environments that include strong leaders, flexibility and open conversations. Their personas and ideals match perfectly with start-up culture. They are the perfect start-up employee and if you allow them, can be the ideal employee for your business as well.

By adopting a start-up way of life at your company, you can help to add to your company's success and to the success that you'll have with your future employees as well. So ask yourself, is your company a start-up? Should it be?

Michael Robinson has over 13 years of experience in sales and recruiting. Michael received a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Writing from Hampshire College and works on plays and screenplays in his spare time.